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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Check out ECpod

Thanks to Susan recommendation, I do find ECpod an interesting FREE website ( that could assist me to learn Mandarin.

ECpod stands for "English Chinese Podcast". It is unique in that all their video clips are contributed by members (but vetted before posting) and hence encourages a vast variety of people to teach one another their native language via different teaching styles/methods.

Below is a sample about school:
A transcript is available for the above video.

Do check it out if you are interested to learn Mandarin or English via video and audio clips and at the same time make friends from all over the world.

It is a place where members from all walks of life in China and abroad can exchange culture.

Besides offering excellent interactive teaching tools for members to learn Chinese and English language, ECpod also

  • build a community of individuals with similar interest of learning a foreign language,
  • bring the world closer together and allow members to meet and interact with people from different cultural background,
  • to promote Chinese cultures to the world,
  • to promote English cultures to the world

They are striving to make education FUN and 100% FREE!
Tell your friends about ECpod if you find it useful like I do.

Thank you.
Sam Chan


Malcolm said...

Wow. Good recommendation. Thank you sam...

Sam Chan said...

Hi Malcolm,

I am glad you find ECpod good.
Hope to see you there.

Best Wishes
Sam Chan

Bruce and Angela Elliot said...

Hi Sam,

Could you please explain how you imbedded the ECpod video into your blog post. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.