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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chinese Language Tools (中文工具)

To do well in anything, it is important to have the right tools. Recently, I purchased a Creative Zen V Plus MP3 player with 2GB storage. With this player, I could carry with me ton of audio books and songs so that I could listen to self-improvement books and study Mandarin wherever I go.

Repetition is the mother of learning. I am confidence to say that I could now sing the song (one of the best way of learning languages) 老 鼠 爱 大 米 well with understanding.

Nowadays, there are so many websites. Thus, we just need to go to some websites and learn almost anything. Younger generation this day don't face problem like those days where knowledge is scarce. One just need to spend time, put in effort and know how to be more selective. However, only when we apply the acquire knowledge, we will then benefit from it.

Below are some tools and websites that I used to study Mandarin:
  • ZDT (Zhongwen Development Tool) - an opensource (free)
    - allow you to create your own word lists
    - learn words using three different flashcard modes.
    - a dictionary for word searching
  • Wenlin - a full blown software for learning Chinese
  • On-line Chinese Tools - with lots of useful tools to assist you in learning mandarin

What about you? Do you know of any good tools or sites to learn Mandarin?


susan said...


Hope you don't mind I post here, I would like to suggest a website to you and hope you find it useful. is a free website to learn English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and etc) using videos. These videos are produced by our members and you are welcome to contribute as well. You can make friends too within our community and find online students to teach.

A nice song by Richie Ren that I would like to present to you on ECpod (can learn some mandarin from this song too): Richie Ren’s Song Animation Video

Sorry if you find the site slow now - it will be resolved in 2 weeks time after we sort out our overseas bandwidth issues. Thanks.

Rgds, Susan

Ces't La Vie said...

That would be really cool Sam....Hard for my tongue to learn that language but there is no harm in trying though.

I would keep coming here and see new words.

Have a great weekend Sam!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for introducing to me ECpod. I will check it out. I like the Richie Ren's song. Thanks for the sharing.

Best Wishes
Sam Chan

Sam Chan said...

Hi Haze,

Thanks for the visit.
You too have a great weekend.

Blessings to you Haze.

Bryce said...

Here's another great Web resource you might want to share in helping people learn Mandarin:

中文 wiki browser