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Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome (欢迎)

Welcome to Self Study Mandarin.

I am using this blog to record down my attempt to learn Mandarin. Frankly speaking, I had been trying to learn Chinese since young but did not manage to reach the level of competency that I desired. Anyway, this time I will definitely succeed.

I believe the following are reasons why I failed in the past:
  • I did not believe that I could speak Mandarin
  • I thought I could only learn Cantonese instead of Mandarin because I speak Cantonese
  • I don't have strong enough reasons to study Mandarin
  • I did not practice what I had learned
  • I lacked focus and confidence
  • I lacked good resources

I strongly believe I will be able to speak fluently and read Mandarin within a year from now.

Here are my reasons why I can do it this time:
  • I told many and are telling more people that I am learning Mandarin.
  • I have many reasons why I want to learn Mandarin which I am going to share later.
  • I am going to use Accelerated Learning method.
  • I am using Paul McKenna's hypnosis and NLP to boost up my confidence.
  • I am planning to achieve this by following Anthony Robbins Rapid Planning (RPM) method.

Well, when time permit, I will share what I had learned about NLP, RPM, etc. in my Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion blog.

Please assist or correct me if you find any errors in this blog. Those who have this same desire to learn Mandarin can join me.

Thank you.
Sam Chan

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