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Friday, February 8, 2008

To succeed (为了取得成功)

The following are reasons, why I am learning Mandarin:
  • The Church I am in lack Mandarin preacher. Thus, I would like to equip myself so that I could help up in this area.
  • It is the most widely spoken language in the world. Thus, with it I could communicate with more people.
  • China has opened up. It is definitely beneficial to understand this language as many countries are linking with China.
  • With Mandarin, I could access to the well known, rich Chinese culture history, traditions and word of wisdoms
  • With Mandarin, my career prospect can be enhanced
  • There are so many non-Chinese taking up this language and become proficient with the language. It is kind of embarrassing not knowing Mandarin as a Chinese.
  • It serves as a challenge for me to learn up what some believe is difficult
  • I could then apply whatever I had learned such as Accelerated Learning, NLP, Hypnosis, etc. to see whether all these techniques work. When I succeed, my children and friend alike might follow

According to Anthony Robbins, reasons come first and answers come second. All powerful reasons will give me the necessary drive to follow through on my plan.

With all the above reasons and whatever more that I can think of, I am planning to succeed.

I have to 努力 (strive) and 加油 (add more fuel i.e. go for it). Do you have any other good reasons to learn Mandarin?


Trinity said...

Jia You Sam!! :-) God bless your effort and may you continue be blessings in your ministry.

henrychiah said...

Wow ... u are great, ur determination and persistency had drive me to work harder on my language and photographing skill ...

Sam Chan said...

Hi Trinity,

Thank you very much for the encouragement and prayer.

Blessings to you and your family

Sam Chan said...

Hi Henry Chiah,

Thanks for your compliment.
I hereby wishes you success in whatever endeavour you are in.

Best Wishes
Sam Chan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative site, my reasons for learning mandarin were firstly the written characters intrigue me, secondly interesting penpals, thirdly the culture - ancient Tang poems etc, fourthly to prove I'm not going ga-ga!

shun said...

Hi.. nice post. You have mentioned good points to learn mandarin. learning online is different experience and you will get whatever you want about language on internet. The best way is to learn chinese language online.

Whitney said...

I've just come across your blog and I must say that what you say is true about learning Mandarin. China has opened itself to other countries and it will be very beneficial for more people to learn the language. I started learning Mandarin through Florida Virtual School and even though it helped a lot, I am not happy with my level of competence, but hopefully that will all change as I go to college.
Best Wishes in your quest to fluency

Chinese cultural school said...

Such a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!