Notes: If you see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Chinese characters (中文), install Chinese support for your computer. The pinyin of each Chinese character will be displayed if you pause your mouse pointer over each Chinese character.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Numeral (数字)

Click here to learn how to count in Mandarin.

New Words for Today:


J@n!ce said...

So coincident that my elder boy, Zac is learning to recognize those 10 chinese characters too. His mandarin is really bad. He don't seems to have an interest. What should I do?

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,

Languages are dull subject for most people unless one know how to make it interesting. Some uses singing to make the learning more fun and easy. Then there are some able to learn because of needs (staying in the country, survival or business). Some have to learn because of wanting to play games. The best way to promote interest is to link the learning with something that interest the person. So find out what your son like most and then have it to do with Mandarin. Hope that helps.